Designing and running the factories of the future

VIrtual roundtable · 2 June, 2022 · 09.00–10.00 CET

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For manufacturers and industrial companies, digital technology is already game changing – and we have only seen the beginning. The industry is on the verge to implement a new generation of methods and systems to optimize and vastly improve manufacturing and other industrial operations.

This new wave of industrial productivity will emphasize the use of more and varied data from already existing assets, historical data sets and new Internet of Things devices. The industry enters a new paradigm where real-time systems act as the foundation of a great leap forward to Industry 4.0. The next-generation factory is a real-time, fully connected ecosystem. Join this workshop to explore how your organisation can plan for and deploy these new systems and how optimal results can be achieved.

We will discuss:

  • How real-time data from IoT, data-driven manufacturing processes, and external data sources can be combined and used.
  • How to create a strategy that will deliver greater levels of automation, autonomy, and faster adaptation to new conditions.
  • Why and how Industry 4.0, which combines IoT, intelligence, real-time data, and connected workforces, delivers an entirely new level of business benefits.
  • Flexibility in asset utilization, for both employees and equipment.

This is an exclusive event giving you as a CIO, CDO, CAO, or in another role responsible for the company’s IT strategy, the opportunity to discuss, reflect and gain new insights together with a small group of peers. A moment to share your experiences, learn from others and get your questions answered.

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This roundtable is sponsored by Cognizant and Microsoft, and conducted together with CIO Sweden.


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Katarina Strömberg
Event manager, Foundry
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Christine Karlsson
Project manager
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