Data Mesh – The new paradigm that data-driven companies can adopt to boost their business initiatives

Virtual roundtable · 13 Sep, 2022 · 11.00–12.00 CET

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Is your company really data-driven?

Each year enormous amounts of resources are poured into platforms, systems, and technologies to leverage the data assets of organization.

From years, Data Lake and Data Warehouse have been the go-to architectures to perform predictive analytics, create hyper personalized customer experiences and a lot of other highly valuable data-driven initiatives.

But often the results haven’t been reached.

It is not sufficient to create colossal data silos and allow enormous amounts of data to flow downstream into the hands of centralized data engineering teams, to leverage the value of Big Data.

The new paradigm of Data Mesh can overcome the most common problems faced by modern enterprises looking to generate a true data-driven transformation. It is not just a matter of technology or data structure, it is a process that involves all the company, working on cross-functional teams in different domains.

In this virtual roundtable, we will discuss how Data Mesh can help to:

  • Enable agility and business scalability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce the time-to-market of the business initiatives
  • Allow a fair and transparent internal cost allocation

This exclusive event gives you, as a CIO, CDO, CTO or in another role responsible for the company’s IT strategy, the opportunity to discuss, reflect and gain new insights with a small group of peers. A moment to share your experiences, learn from others and get your questions answered.

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This roundtable is sponsored by Agile Lab, and conducted together with CIO Sweden.


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